Winter Abandoned Bicycle Cleanup Coming

From the QVNA this morning:

It’s bike sweep time again.
If you’ve left a bike for dead on the street or simply haven’t moved yours in a really long time, consider yourselves on notice: The Streets Department will be cruising the streets clipping off abandoned bikes in the coming weeks.

The bikes being removed have been reported as abandoned through 311 and will be flagged with yellow tags by the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities a week prior to removal. The purpose of the abandoned bike sweep is to free up existing parking for bicycles and clear space on the sidewalk.

The bike sweep will take place on Thursday, November 29th and Thursday, December 6th. The harvested bikes will be donated to a charity that will repurpose/refurbish/repair them for new owners.

To report an abandoned bicycle, please call 311 and give as precise a description as you can, including bicycle type, location, what the bike is locked to (a tree, parking meter, etc.), and other defining characteristics.

(Emphasis added)

You can also report abandoned bicycles with the Philly 311 app.

And if you want to save the city some time and resources, consider donating your bike to Neighborhood Bike Works, or find it a good home through Philly Freecycle.

blighted bikes and creative solutions

Around Queen Village, there’re quite a few ‘dead’ bikes taking up good parking space. I’ll have to look up the protocol for getting them removed … I doubt this red one with a flat is seeing much action.

While I’d obviously like to see them removed, I have to love this yarn bombing from South Street: