Neighborhood Character: Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia

The Massage Arts Center is a place I heard about from people who’d been, people who’d heard of it and heard it was great, but I also know many people who’ve been in Philly a while and don’t know some of the unique places right under their noses.

Many people know that you can go to schools to get discount services – beauty schools come to mind. But imagine a massage school that looks like a spa:

And of course, located right outside the border of the Queen Village neighborhood, at 4th and Lombard (in between South and Lombard)

They have a spacious waiting room (recognize the cat?) and relaxing massage rooms. Of course, you are often scheduling with a student, so it can be a hit or miss in a way. But it’s still a massage – and you can help the students by filling out a feedback form afterward.

This is in their entry hall. Love it.