Donating a step for Fringe 2019

This is an email confirming your registration for The Step Library for Ăšumbal: Nomadic Choreography for Inhabitants. You are registered for the April 6 Step Library event at Mighty Writers El Futuro, at the [redacted] time-slot.

Today I “donated a step” for Fringe’s 2019 large scale dance performance, and there are 3 more chances to donate (including tomorrow).

“Donated steps” will become part of a large-scale performance during this year’s Fringe festival, different, but not unlike (in its large-scale component, that is) Le Super Grand Continental last year.

I recommend having your song/move picked out (which is, to be fair, in the instructions), as I had decision paralysis and couldn’t settle on which song to use, and picked one on the spot.

Learn more and register on the projects homepage.

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