Bar moving in Old City?

Public Notice of Application / Alcoholic Beverages
It looks like Charlie’s Pub owns the spot that was the Kevin O’Brien Popup space. According to Naked Philly, they were denied a while ago … but the sign is still up? Any updates on progress?

Kevin O’Brien Studio Popup Closes Sunday

kevin o'brien popup sign

The Kevin O’Brien Studio popup at 3rd and Church in Old City closes on Sunday. I visited today and took some photos of the lovely space – chatting with the wonderful Kate who was holding things down.

I love how well the space is laid out. And the lighting.


The pillows are adorable! And when I first went in I was told “Rule one: You can touch everything.”

I loved the circle scarves. A lot of the pieces used ‘burnout’ a technique involving silk and velvet with a nice result.

And special goodies in the popup shop – the back room features fabric scraps, clothing, and more. You don’t find that kind of stuff online when the studio runs their sales. Also: Check out the stuffed skunk! Cute.

The popup is at 3rd and Church (~3rd and Market) and ends Sunday.