Dig Yoga, coming to Queen Village, among those distancing from Anusara Yoga

Dig Yoga, coming to Queen Village at 412 Monroe St, is listed among a number of teachers and studios distancing themselves from Anusara, Inc. amidst a scandal and shakeup in that branch of the yoga world.

Yoga … scandal?

Some weeks ago, John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga, was outed for sexual misconduct, financial irresponsibility, drug use, and sexual misuse of power. Read a timeline of the scandal or check out the article on HuffPo.

Dig Yoga

Up until this scandal, Dig Yoga has been associated with the Anusara brand, and even still has mentions of Anusara affiliations in all of their teacher bios. However, Dig Yoga has joined the Yoga Coalition (mentioning the to-open Philadelphia location), described as “… a group of yoga teachers who have recently distanced themselves from John Friend and Anusara, Inc.”

One wonders how the flux of the Anusara community will impact the way the upcoming location brands itself.

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